Wedding | Christening

Live Streaming, for everyone to see!

During these times of social distancing and limitations on group gatherings, many couples are turning to technology to share their wedding celebrations with their friends and family while they can’t physically be together. Live streaming your wedding allows you to proceed with the part that matters most, saying your vows to the love of your life, while your loved ones join in virtually.

Live Streaming can bring a wedding or christening to the screens of all relatives and friends who, in fact, will not attend.

Live Stream Your Wedding


Live Stream Your Event

Think of organizing a conference, a sports event, a book presentation, a wedding, a baptism, or any other event, but many of your guests can not attend for a variety of reasons. Live broadcasting is the most popular and most effective way of advertising with the preference of social networking in videos compared to texts and images. In this way you advertise your product-event and give you the opportunity to make your business or organization more widely known. With Live Streaming, your event is streamed live on the internet, so guests who could not attend are now able to watch at their computer, their mobile device (iPhone / iPad, Smartphones etc.) or their connected smart TV, real-time your event from anywhere in the world!